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Elevating Roofs

Sleeper roofs are flat roofs which can be raised up at an angle at the front or rear. When they are closed, they only add a few centimetres to the height of the vehicle. This means that the overall height of the vehicle remains below two metres – an important consideration for multi-level carparks and garages. When they are open they provide seating headroom over the roof bed. If the roof bed is not in use, it can be folded up very easily.

Our sleeper roof conversions include …

  • Top quality, fire-resistant tent fabric, semicircular tent windows at front or rear and sides, with dual zippers and fly screen, right-hand window made of glass-clear plastic.
  • Two powder-coated, stainless steel lazy tong arms on sides, two gas-operated springs.
  • Simple version with belts for securing roof, tent fabric stapled to roof shell.