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Example Of: VW Transporter Kombi Camper 6 seats 5 berth

Here we have a VW Transporter Kombi Camper 6 seat 5 birth.

kombi’s feature;

  • Elevating Roof
  • 6 genuine VW seats (3 front, 3 rear).
  • Rear kombi bed pack
  • Carpet lined and insulated
    1. Optional Kombi Features;

    2. 12V leisure battery
    3. Swivel driver and passenger seats
    4. 2x Table’s
    5. Cab bunk kit
    6. USB Sockets
    7. For more information on VW Kombi conversions click Here

    Elevating Roofs – Reimo Roofs – SCA Roofs

    New  elevating roof designs added to our range. Starting from £1950+vat

    Elevating roofs are flat roofs which can be raised up on hinges to give extra clearance not only at the front but also at the rear.

    When they are closed, they only add a few centimetres to the height of the vehicle. This means that the overall height of the vehicle remains below two metres – an important consideration for multi-level carparks and garages. If the roof bed is not in use, it can be folded away very easily.